[Tokyo 2020 logo case] Entirely unofficial tweets, discussing between Belgium and Japan


Hi there. This is “design-yah,” the design entertainer.

This post is made as the minute of discussion between me(@yashiro_with_t) and David Crunelle(@davidcrunelle), a Bruxelles-based designer, who became my “design-Guru” through this row.

All right. We talked about the Tokyo 2020 logo case.


Tweets included in this post are not more/less than our own opinion. Guys who tweeted don’t have to do with Mr. Olivier Debie, Studio Debie, the Tokyo2020 committee or any other organizations related to the Olympic games.

If you understand Japanese, reading another post–https://www.poc39.com/archives/3995, which is made first in Japanese including almost the same tweets– may get more information such as the reason why we did this.

Theatre de Liege and Tokyo 2020, looking for a way to settlement [unofficial discussion]

First of all, Executive Summary should be here…


How to positively end the dispute between Liege (Belgium) and Tokyo (Japan).

What to be done:

  • To reach an agreement to keep using the Tokyo 2020 official emblem [Logo] as it is, without any kind of legal conflict.
  • Furthermore, to keep the face and honor of Mr. Debie, the Liege logo designer.

What to start with:


  1. Tokyo 2020 committee doesn’t need to stop using their Logo, since no legal rights are violated.
  2. However, there is no doubt that Theatre de Liege logo had been there when Tokyo 2020 emblem was designed.
  3. All things considered, how should Tokyo committee show respects to the designer and the logo in Liege?


To invite Mr. Debie as a VIP to TOKYO 2020 Games.

That can be a good way to a positive end.

SHOWHEY FLY, image from meganepark90.blog9.fc2.com(as of Dec. 08, 2009)

[Note] ”SHOW-HEY(招聘)” means “to invite someone with honor” in Japanese.

Modified a bit: "2016" may be better.

According to the additional research I did, it seemed that when to invite him to Tokyo might be better in 2016 rather than 2020.

I’ll explain it more in the next post.

What to do (and Challenges)

  • Planning details such as the schedule, activities, etc.
  • and financial issue (should be the biggest challenge among actions needed)…

Summarized tweets and replies as the minute of our discussion

Here are complete tweets between us, sorted by topics.

[My comment] Again we checked our common view that there was no plagiarism.

[My comment] Is this the only way for it? Will Tokyo2020 have nothing but to give some € to drop the case?

[Self-review on my tweet] It might be better “tickets and/or some experience” than “tickets or other kind of experience.”

[Self-review on my tweet] “other logogate cases” can be better because not only one but more came out there.

[Comment]  I emphasize this point again: Jurisdiction.

Why did Mr. Debie and his lawyers file a suit against IOC, organization where its headquarters reside in Switzerland, with Belgian courts, which must have no jurisdiction over this case at all?

[Comment] In my experience, jurisdiction is depended on the residence of  the defendant.

It was the reason why my wife, who once lived apart in Tokyo from me and wanted a divorce, couldn’t get the trial started. She gave up lawsuit because of trip costs and others.

As well as international cases, I think this rule should be in effect.

[Comment] Again, it is the point that should be how Tokyo2020 show respects to him, I think.

[Self-Review on my tweet] I meant “so far IOC kept saying so.”

[Comment] “not even sure Debie’s lawyers are hoping for a trial (hence the Belgian court).”

Then I felt I found out the reason.

Filing with a Belgian court can afford more time for them to look for a financial agreement.

[Comment] So did I.

[Self-review on my tweet] correction: I "tweeted" to you

[Comment] There is a considerable recognition gap between “completely different” professionals and “totally the same” other ordinary people.

[Comment] Again, So metaphysical.

Through the discussion above, a better solution has become much clearer to me: A Trial in Tokyo could be the way.

To be continued to the next post